Digital Classrooms Where Software Gets All The Work Done In A More Interactive & Easy Manner.

Born for interactive teaching

Delta-i Whiteboard is an interactive teaching tool
that allows knowledge points to be presented with a simple operation

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The creative teaching class has never been so interesting

The teacher creates the lesson

The teacher can create the lesson as per his/her perspective of there style of teaching they just need to drag & drop images, book, games, videos etc which are already provided.

Interactive games for students to understand better

Interactive games & a fun way of learning includes lots of games from which the topic can be explained in a much more understandable & real-time student thinking practices

Add almost every type of file in a lesson file

Yes that's right so here is the best way to make students understand better from images, videos, games & much more

Power up with your old PPT's

While teaching you can even show ppt from this software & still access our whiteboard software normally as it was used before

More than just writing on whiteboard

This will increase the possibility of your whiteboard Write, Draw, Explain On Images, Write on PPT, One Click Diagrams & Much More

Helpful tools for teaching

Directly show the students the use of protractor, divider, scale, circuits, beakers & much more

Record your classroom activties

Record your classroom activities so that it will be helpful for the organization to know where the mistakes are & learn from them to improve the quality of teaching

Do more activities with the help of internet

Do more things with the help of internet to make students understand the concept with the best resources available

Get more productive by using whiteboard software

Get more productive now because the headache of searching from books & making efforts to understand students how exactly the topic related things look now its made easy

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